The story thus far… 

Hello once again, dear readers, and welcome to my little neck of the interweb. In case you haven’t figured out, this is a blog. This blog is written by me, Chris, and I am 6ft10. Why do I tell you this? So that SOMEONE will comment on my blog’s litte catchphrase and how clever it really is! (LIE TO ME DAMMIT!!)

Ok so lets begin. Today is the 31st of March 2017. Almost 3 years after I posted my last blog. Let me explain why it took me so long to write again. This story is not for sensitive viewers.
I forgot.
And so now, I am back. Until I forget again? Maybe. Depends on what I have to say. Which is usually a lot. None of it makes sense, but we’ll run with it. 

So when you last left your hero, he was sitting in a corporate 9-5, loving life and playing XBox. Today, we find him doing similar things, except he is no longer a 9-5er, but a teacher at a High School. It’s awesome. I love it. The kids are great, the pay is awesome. Its just all good. Oh and it’s in Japan. 

Yes I know! A teacher who gets paid well is unheard of!! Oh the Japan thing? Yeah that is a pinch different too. I have been here since August 2016 and its been amazing. Slooooooowly learning Japanese (こんにちは bitches) and the culture (because there’s no such thing as too much bowing) and loving the food (but one does long for a T-Bone every now and then).
So yes, I am now writing from a completely different country, with completely different ways but I’m still completely the same person. Much to everyones happiness/woe. 

This blog will be many things. ‘Good’ is not one of them. I will be writing what ever comes to mind. So it might be about Japan, might be about Onigiri, might be another rambling about music that no one actually cares about. But hey, let’s enjoy this moment together as we venture into the unknown of my brain. 
Good luck to you all.

May the force be ever in your favour. 

(Copyright laws prohibit me using the correct terms. I think. Any similarity to people or events is purely coincidental.)


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  1. Ken

    You make me chuckle

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